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Welcome to the new Guidebook

The EIF Guidebook was relaunched in March 2017, providing information about programmes that is based on evidence assessments conducted by EIF using our updated evidence standards. 

What's changed?

  • The updated EIF Guidebook is based on evidence assessments conducted by EIF, rather than other international clearinghouses. For more information about the EIF assessment process, see: Getting your programme assessed
  • The Guidebook uses an updated version of the EIF evidence standards. For more information, see: EIF evidence standards
  • In particular, EIF no longer rates programmes as 0 or 1. Programmes that do not meet the threshold for level 2 (that is, programmes that do not have at least preliminary evidence of impact on child outcomes) are rated as NL2, or 'not level 2'. For a list of programmes that have been assessed by EIF and rated NL2, see: Other programmes
  • Also, evidence ratings may now receive an additional plus rating (2+, 3+, 4+), which indicates that a programme exceeds the basic threshold for a rating. For more information, see: How to read the Guidebook
  • EIF now provides cost ratings, as an estimate of the relative costs of delivering different programmes. This is not an assessment of actual costs, but may be used to compare programme requirements. 

What's happened to the old Guidebook programme library?

  • Any programmes that were included in the old Guidebook and have been reassessed by EIF are included in the new Guidebook, with updated ratings and other information (so long as they meet the requirements for the level 2 threshold). Return to the Guidebook homepage to search.
  • Some programmes that were included in the old Guidebook will be reassessed by EIF. For information about programmes that are currently going through the assessment process, see: Work in progress
  • Information about any programmes that were included in the old Guidebook and which have not been reassessed by EIF is available on request.

Comments and feedback

  • If you have any comments on the updated EIF Guidebook, published in March 2017, please get in touch via email – we'd love to know what you think.

Published July 2024