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Open call 2019

We are now inviting programme providers who are interested in being included in the EIF Guidebook to submit an expression of interest for EIF to assess their programme in 2019/20.

Following the success of last year's open call, we once again invite any programme provider who has an intervention with evidence of improving child outcomes to submit their programme for assessment.  

Programmes may be added to the Guidebook once they have gone through our programme assessment process, which appraises the strength of the evidence for a programme's effectiveness, using our standards of evidence. Find out more about the EIF programme assessment process, or read our blog about the work of our 'evidence detectives'.

Registering an expression of interest

The deadline for submissions is 5pm, Wednesday 10 July. We welcome submissions before the deadline, and will look at earlier submissions as soon as they are received.

Prior to completing the submission form, we would strongly encourage all interested parties to read our background paper, which provides useful information on the open call process and the criteria we will use in selecting which programmes are eligible for assessment. You may also download a PDF copy of the registration form, as a reference and to help prepare your details for online entry.

We expect to receive more submissions than we are able to assess in 2019/20, and to prioritise a smaller number of programmes for full assessment this year. This means that submitting an expression of interest is no guarantee that EIF will be able to assess the programme in 2019/20. 

We will notify all respondents of the outcome by the end of July. If you have any queries which have not been addressed by the background paper, please email

Published June 2019